Sunday, 8 November 2015

Ghost the Musical at MasterCard Theatres: A review

This musical has a life on its own.  Adapted from the movie starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, the musical was faithful to the plot but made subtle changes to the sequence(eg. The ceramic making scene).  As a musical, the songs sustained the interest of the audience throughout the show.

A selling point of this musical was the special / visual effects, which was rendered effectively and did not overshadow the plot.    For example, after the protagonist Sam was murdered, the scenes depicting his struggle to open the door or pick up things, or the encounter of another ghost on the train, were done well with the execution of lighting and technology.

Performance wise,  the actors playing Sam and Molly were overall competent, but I would expect the actress playing Molly to show more grief when Sam was murdered.  On the other hand, the actors playing the psychic Oda Mae Brown and the baddie Carl Bruner were memorable.

While Ghost the musical may not be a worldwide hit, it is entertaining and enjoyable as it is.  The production standards for this show was good, and audience enjoyed a good evening out at the MasterCard Theatre.